Our Vision

A Scripture Centered Vision.

"A Church, a called out body,
a fellowship of believers,
whose authority is from the LORD,
vested in His Holy Scriptures,
and administered through their spiritual gifts.
Disciples of their Lord Jesus Christ
who treasure all that God is,
and whose purpose
is to magnify the Glory of God,
and take eternal delight in Him."

Roanoke Valley Bible Church is a Fellowship of believers.

Our heart and prayer is to be a fellowship of believers who demonstrate their love for Christ through love and care in the community of faith: A fellowship whose love for one another authenticates their affirmation of the gospel to those outside of that community.

An assembly that recognizes Biblical Authority

The believers of RVBC understand that all authority is from God through His revelation and is made personal by His regenerating Spirit who gives life and gifts to His people. Therefore, they strive to stay submissive to God's Word, the only infallible rule for faith and practice. In order to encourage the edifying and sanctifying work of God's word, expository preaching and teaching are foremost in worship and discipleship.

Administered through their spiritual gifts

The saving grace of Jesus Christ comes through God's inerrant word, but it is delivered by God's people. The leadership of RVBC recognizes the Biblical mandate of building up the body of Christ by encouraging the work of individual members of the body through the exercise of their spiritual gifts. So they encourage fellowship and strive to avoid structures that isolate believers from one another and hinder edification.

Disciples of their Lord Jesus Christ

A fellowship committed to discipleship. Believers, knowing the cost of following Christ, commit to obey Christ in life and ministry. And who value discipling relationships that nurture faith and sanctify the body: A body of believers whose leaders are trained through discipling relationships.

Whose purpose is to magnify the Glory of God

Through Outreach: Believers of RVBC have a heart to see Christ Jesus presented in the power of the Holy Spirit, that people throughout Roanoke and the world may come to put their trust in God through Him; and make him their Lord.

Through Worship: Recognizing that the worship of God in all of life is our highest calling, and that corporate worship is its greatest expression, believers of RVBC seek to glorify God by delighting and submitting to the revelation of Himself in the preaching of His Word; call upon him with joy in confession, praise and adoration; and sing His praise with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

The Mission of RVBC

The mission of Roanoke Valley Bible Church is part of God's mission in the world - which is to redeem a people for Himself through faith in His Son. To that end Roanoke Valley Bible Church is committed to:

Maintaining an expository pulpit, in Roanoke, Virginia, where the gospel is consistently applied to the Christian and the non-Christian.

The love of Christ that expresses itself in a fellowship that crosses monetary and ethnic boundaries and meets individual needs.

Discipleship to promote spiritual maturity and to cultivate leadership.

Evangelical outreach to Roanoke and beyond.